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A site building program attempts to simplify creating a website by hiding much of the underlying coding that is required to make a website. For example, instead of writing HTML to create your website, you use the site building software to create pages, add text to pages, drag and drop components onto the page, all without having to know any coding. Site building programs are ideal for people who do not know coding, and want a simple website.

The Write Cypher is offering a free Trendy Lite Version website builder if you decide you want to build your own site without the knowledge of coding.

*Trendy Site Builder offers a free 10-day trial version; however, an upgrade to the Lite Version is available for free after the trial version has been installed.Here is how to install your free site builder.
-Find the Trendy Webbuilder link in your QuickInstall cPanel
-install the Trendy Sitebuilder Script per Instructions
-In the Admin area of Trendy Site Builder, click Upgrade Now!
-On the next page, under Trendy Site Builder Lite Version, click Free! Click Here!
-Follow the on-screen instructions to receive your free license.
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Our Award Winning cPanel is easy to operate.  It is built for simplicity  which means that it is simple for you to control your domain name and website.  The cPanel software is an easy-to-use control panel that gives website owners the ability to quickly and easily manage their websites.
Test drive your new cPanel. Remember that you can add on other products with an upgrade.

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Mobile Site Builder
People are accessing internet from their mobile phones like never before! Having a website that renders well on mobile devices is now an absolute necessity. With the new Mobile website builder your website is going to look absolutely sweet on iPhone, iPad and Android devices!
Pre-built Designs
Every business is unique and so should your website be! With 100+ pre built designs that come with unlimited customization, you will find it a joy to give your site a unique and attractive look.

Advantages of using a site building program:

-You do not need to know HTML, or any scripting language to create a website.
-You can chose from a variety of templates/themes.
-Ideal for simple sites that do not require customized coding.

Disadvantages of using a site building program:

-You are limited to the functionality the site building program provides. This may limit you from adding some advanced features to your website.
-You are limited to the themes and layout provided by the site builder program.
-Typically not easily transferable to a new web host or different account.
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