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Are you stuck? Let our support team help you. All of our "free" Clients can receive the answers they need by visiting our FAQ page, or contacting us via email @ All premium accounts may contact us via phone @ 888.600.2011.
Welcome to the Atmosphere that was designed with You the Writer in mind. Because we are a publishing company, we understand the tools and information that Unpublished/Published Authors, Bloggers, Poets, and Lyricists need for an awesome journey in journalism. We are constantly adding to this site, so if there is something that you would like to see here, please contact us and let us know. Other then that, please enjoy the Atmosphere.

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Every writer should have their presence on the world wide web. Whether you are a blogger, a poet, a published/unpublished author or a lyricist, you shouldn't be caught dead without some type of web presence unless you are not planning to share any of your writing with the world. Although web hosting is more affordable now than ever, we are aware that many still can't fit the cost into their budget. That is where The Write Cipher comes to the rescue.

The Write Cipher's Free domain name and Sitebuilder are exclusively for writers, authors, bloggers. Anyone found using our templates, domain name or emails for anything out of the scope will automatically be terminated. You will receive 1 email notice alerting to the violation and the date of termination. Sign up for your free domain and sitebuilder here.

Our cPanel has the ability to provide easy one-click management of over 70 of the web's top applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Roundcube, Gallery, and more, (click here for a list of what scripts are on the cPanel for free accounts. Upgrade to a premium account so you can add applications to your existing Client account by clicking the shopping cart to the right.        indicates that you will be navigated to in a new browser.
Our Award Winning cPanel is easy to operate.  It is built for simplicity which means that it is simple for you to control your domain name and website.  The cPanel software is an easy-to-use control panel that gives website owners the ability to quickly and easily manage their websites.
Test drive your new cPanel. Remember that you can add on other products with an upgrade.

Click the cPanel below and use the infoto test drive. FYI, Premium cPanels have more scripts then a free account cPanel.
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